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How the diffuser works and how to use it correctly

Do you have naturally curly hair but are tired of the long time it takes to dry? Every curly-haired girl knows that wash days can be quite the pain. Because of its thick volume,  washing and styling curly hair can take hours!

The fast pace of life and being always on the go can lead to you not giving your curls the attention that they need. This leads to frizzy and dry hair. So is there a solution to all the common drying problems that we curly-haired women face? Yes, there is indeed! Introducing a hair dryer diffuser, a magic hair-drying tool that can be the answer to all your dilemmas. 

So what is a hair dryer diffuser? And how to achieve those gorgeous curls and waves using one? We have the answers to all your burning questions below.

The science behind hair dryer diffusers: how do they work?

So, first things first, what exactly is a hair dryer diffuser? A hair dryer diffuser is nothing but your regular hair dryer taken to the next level by the use of a diffuser attachment. When you use a normal blow dryer to dry your curls, they are dried by a steady stream of warm air. A diffuser attachment instead spreads out the warm air evenly over the surface of your curls in an extremely controlled manner. This gives you frizz-free bouncy curls in mere minutes. Also, due to its design, hair dryer diffusers preserve your natural curl pattern and enhance it further. 

How does it work? 

Hair dryer diffusers might look complicated but their build is fairly straightforward.  A typical hair dryer diffuser features a bowl and finger or prongs that cradle your curls into place. The hot hair flows through the bowl and swirls around the prongs to give you the gentle drying effect of your dreams. 

Key to their efficiency is the diffuser's design. The large surface area allows for drying larger sections of hair, which maintains the curl pattern and reduces frizz. The perforated grid at the base controls and evenly distributes airflow, preventing disruption to the curls’ natural shape.

The finger-like prongs also play a vital role in separating and defining individual curls, adding volume and lift. Directing the airflow upwards encourages curls to maintain their shape and bounce, avoiding flattening. Diffusers work best at lower temperatures and speeds, minimising heat damage and preserving natural moisture.

In summary, hair dryer diffusers use a controlled, gentle drying method to enhance curl definition, reduce frizz, and protect against heat damage, resulting in bouncy, well-defined curls.

What are its effects on curly hair? 

Every curly-haired beauty knows that curly hair comes in a variety of shapes and patterns. Hence, it won't be fair to discuss the effects of a hair dryer diffuser in a generalized manner. Curly hair can be divided mainly into three types: Wavy, curly, and coily. Let us explore the effects hair dryer diffusers have on each curly type individually.

  • Wavy hair. 
    Wavy hair can be a bit tricky to understand. It is neither fully curly nor fully straight. Wavy-haired girls often struggle to achieve defined waves that won’t be out of place on a Malibu beach. However, fret not! A hair dryer diffuser can easily help you achieve this. Due to the hair dryer diffuser spreading out air over your waves in a controlled manner, your waves don't fly all over the place. This helps bring out your natural curl pattern and leads to high-definition waves that people won’t stop admiring.
  • Curly hair.
    If you have stereotypical curly hair, you don’t need a flashback (painful) about all your struggles with dryness and frizz over the years. A hair dryer diffuser can be your one-stop solution to get rid of frizz in an instant. These attachments dry your hair gently and protect the natural moisture of your hair. This helps you achieve frizz-free curls that are full of life. 
  • Coily hair.
    Coily hair is so much fun to look at! But we can’t deny that it is extremely sensitive to heat and can get damaged very easily. Hair dryer diffusers distribute heat over the surface of your curls in an extremely even manner. This provides much-needed heat protection and guards your ringlets and coils against excessive heat.

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Benefits of using a diffuser

Using a hair dryer diffuser offers numerous advantages, particularly for those with curly or wavy hair. Here are the key benefits:

  • Enhances natural curls: diffusers help to define and enhance your natural curl pattern, creating well-formed, bouncy curls.
  • Reduces frizz: by evenly distributing heat and air, diffusers minimise frizz, leaving curls smooth and shiny.
  • Adds volume: diffusers lift the hair from the roots, adding volume and body, especially beneficial for fine or limp hair.
  • Minimises heat damage: operating at lower temperatures and speeds, diffusers reduce the risk of heat damage, preserving the health and moisture of your hair.
  • Speeds up drying time: the large surface area allows for drying larger sections of hair simultaneously, making the drying process quicker and more efficient.
  • Gentle drying: the finger-like prongs and controlled airflow provide a gentle drying method, protecting delicate curls from harsh heat and airflow.

Achieving effortless curls and waves with a hair dryer diffuser

Now that you know a bit more about the amazing ways a hair dryer diffuser can transform your curls, let us talk about how to achieve those natural shiny curls and waves. Here are some of our best tips and tricks to use a hair dryer diffuser effectively to attain beautiful curly hair effortlessly. 

Wavy hair

Curl definition is often the goal when it comes to diffusing wavy hair and you can elevate the natural curl pattern of your waves using the pixie diffusing method. Start by getting all the excess water out of your hair and applying generous amounts of heat protectant. Flip your hair upside down and gather it all in the diffuser bowl. Make sure your hair falls into the diffuser in its natural pattern. Raise the diffuser from your tips to your roots. Turn on the hair dryer on a low setting to avoid heat damage. 

Curly hair

As mentioned earlier, achieving frizz-free shiny curls is made easy by using a hair dryer diffuser. Start by applying a good-quality leave-in conditioner. Section your hair to achieve even drying throughout your hair. Place one section of your curls into the diffuser bowl and turn it on. Use low to medium heat and speed settings depending on the porosity and thickness of your curls. Proceed to dry your curls. Repeat with the remaining sections till your hair is completely dry. 

Coily hair

Coily hair features tight coils and ringlets that are extremely delicate and sensitive to heat. Hence, using proper drying techniques on coily hair is highly important. Diffusing it brings out its natural beauty without causing any heat damage. Start by prepping your hair with a leave-in conditioner. If you want your coils to look more defined, use techniques such as finger coiling to add more definition. Move the diffuser away from the head, to dry them gently. Always use low heat and speed settings on coily hair. Hold the diffuser in place for a minute and avoid touching your curls at this point. Start by drying your ends and working your way up to the roots.

Bellissima Italia Diffon

We are sure by now you are totally on board with regard to the benefits of using a hair dryer diffuser and how it can help you achieve natural-looking healthy curls. But which diffuser should you choose? With the shelves of supermarkets being flooded with various hair styling tools that make mountains of promises but rarely deliver, choosing the right hair dryer diffuser can be a bit tricky. However, let us be your guide. Our favourite diffuser on the market right now is the Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia. This award-winning diffuser doesn't just talk the talk but also delivers jaw-dropping results.  

With Superior Italian Engineering at its heart, it uses the principle of good heat to give you shiny bouncy envy-worthy curls. Its Curl Booster System features a perforated grid and twelve long fingers to give you a gentle drying effect and prevent frizz. Curly, wavy, or coily, it doesn't matter what your curl type is. The Diffon Supreme is perfect for all curly hair because of its digital heat control that offers a variety of heat and speed combinations. Us curly-haired girlies are tired of frizzy and dry hair, and the Diffon Supreme offers an all-in-one solution to these problems. Its Ceramic and Argan Oil Technology is instrumental in helping you achieve those frizz-free curls that you have always dreamt of. Argan Oil is renowned for its hydrating properties, and its Ceramic technology is extremely gentle on your curls. Further, Diffon Supreme’s ION care technology provides extra hydration to your curls and helps them look soft and shiny. 

Never stress about frizz and dryness ever again using this diffuser! 

It also features faster drying times, making it ideal for drying long curly hair. It is also very flexible to use due to its ergonomic design and is extremely lightweight. It also features Silicon diffuser tips and a flexible 3m cord for ultimate comfort. Pop it into your handbag and use it even while you are travelling. Last but not least, the Diffon Supreme runs on a comparatively low power of 770 watts to ensure protection from heat damage which is so common with generic hair dryers. 

The Diffon Supreme is all indeed curly-haired goodness rolled into one single product. So what are you waiting for? Get your very own Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia today and share your results with us ASAP!


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