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Type 2 hair: discover this curl pattern

Growing up, my hair didn't look stereotypically curly! For the longest time, I thought that I had straight hair. I had hair that was straight at the crown but the curls towards the end of my hair could not be ignored. But none of the hair care and styling products that I was using really worked for my hair. It was really frustrating. Achieving that natural-looking beautiful hair seemed like an unattainable dream to me.

Then I went back to basics and took a closer look at the texture of my hair and Voila! I had my Eureka moment! My hair wasn't straight at all. It was curly! More specifically Type 2 curly hair or wavy. If this sounds similar to something that you are going through, congratulations, you might be blessed with Type 2 curly hair. So today, let us take a closer look at what Type 2 Curly hair is exactly and some of the most common issues faced by girls with this hair type.  Read along to learn more about Type 2 Curly Hair. 

Sub-Variants of Type 2 hair

type 2 curly hair

As mentioned earlier, Type 2 curly hair is not completely straight and not completely curly. It lies somewhere in the middle. It is also known as wavy hair. This type features loose ‘S’ shaped waves that are combined with curls. However, did you know that Type 2 hair has sub-variants as well? This classification is based on the iconic Hair typing system introduced by Andre Walker (Hair Guru to Oprah herself!). This system classifies curly hair based on the width of the curls and is the go-to method used for a better understanding of hair texture.  So, let us look at the sub-types of Type 2 hair.

Type 2A hair

Type 2A hair easily features the loosest curls of all hair types. It is known for its tousled texture. It often features straight roots but has loose waves towards the end. This hair type is quite easy to maintain and doesnt get dry that often. This is because it is easier for the natural oils in your scalp to travel towards the ends. This means gorgeous hair that doesnt get frizz that often. However, many a time, the waves in this hair type aren't noticeable and the use of curl-enhancing products is highly recommended.  

Type 2B hair

Moving on to Type 2B hair! This hair type features waves that are a bit more defined and tighter than Type 2A hair. However, this hair type can easily go limp due to the use of excess styling products. This can cause the hair to look lifeless and coarse. We suggest only using lightweight styling products that will help you achieve the needed defined curls without weighing them down. 

Type 2C hair

Type 2C hair is the closest to what we often associate with curly hair. It features the tightest ‘S’ shaped waves out of all types and sometimes springy corkscrew curls are also present. This type of hair is just so beautiful, but it can also get extremely frizzy, if not cared for properly. Using the correct anti-frizz products is a must for this hair type. 

Identifying your exact curl type is the first step to finding the perfect hair care routine for you!  Read our guide "Discovering curl types and hair styles".


Wavy Hair: Frequent Issues

blonde curly hair

Now that we have a better understanding of what exactly wavy hair is, let us look at some of the most frequent issues faced by girls of this hair type: 

Type 2A hair comprises those insta-worthy beachy curls that we have all dreamt of at least once. However, this hair type often isn't as voluminous as the other curly hair types. Hence adding volume to your hair is a must. Use Sulfate-free volumizing shampoos and conditioners to achieve thicker waves. Go for curl-enhancing creams and serums as well.  Further, this hair type can also get quite oily. Hence this hair type needs to be washed more frequently to get rid of all the build-up. A clarifying hair scrub should also be used for better results. 

Type 2B hair still lies flat at the roots, but has tighter curls than Type 2A hair. This hair type is somewhat brittle and is prone to frizziness. Use a root-lifting dry shampoo between wash days to make sure your hair stays fresh till the next time you are ready to wash it. If you want to add definition to your waves, using a curl-defining cream is also a must. 

Type 2C hair features the tightest curls of all Type 2 hair. It is also lifted a bit better at the roots. However, it is also prone to more frizz than other Type 2 hair. Use an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner that has natural hydrating ingredients such as Shea Butter, Argan Oil etc. Add in a leave-in conditioner for better results. Also, this hair type should be dried with caution to avoid unwanted frizz and dryness. For optimal drying of this type of hair, try Plopping and then diffusing. This combination will give you excellent results.

How to Dry and preserve Type 2 Hair the right way

Have you ever styled your hair to perfection, only for it to lose its shape the very next day? Don’t worry! You are not the only woman who has faced this issue. The root of this problem often is using the wrong styling products and improper drying methods. Using the wrong styling products will cause your curls to lose their definition easily and if you use the wrong drying methods for Type 2 hair, it can lead to extremely frizzy and dry hair that is unflattering. So let us look at some of the must-have products that you should add to your cart immediately if you have Type 2 hair. 

Stronghold Curl-defining creams 

Since Type 2 hair often features waves that are not that defined, using a curl-defining cream that gives a good hold is a must. These creams will enhance your hair texture and will give you the curls of your dreams. 

A hydrating leave-in conditioner

This product is extremely crucial if you have Type 2B or C hair. Leave-in conditioners help combat dryness and keep frizz at bay. Go for products that are Sulfate and Alcohol-free to achieve that head-turning curly-haired look.

A good Diffuser

Diffon Supreme Bellissima Italia

As we talked about earlier, using the correct drying method is highly important for this hair type. The drying method that works the best for Type 2 hair is diffusing. 

A Diffuser is a hair styling tool that spreads out controlled hot air over the surface of your hair evenly. It provides gentle drying to your waves and preserves your natural hair texture

Are you looking for a professional diffuser? You definitely have to take into consideration Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia.

This award-winning diffuser is crafted using expert Italian Engineering and is specifically designed for curly hair. Its goal is to strengthen curl definition using its unique perforated grid that disturbs air evenly over the surface of your curls. Its twelve long fingers also help enhance the shape and elasticity of your curls.

It features Supreme Curl Flow technology that uses a balanced combination of airflow and temperature to provide that gentle drying effect

Also, if you are looking for a product that helps you combat frizz and Dryness, then Diffon Supreme is perfect for you. Its Ion Care Technology leaves the curls softer, shinier and frizz-free. 

This diffuser will work wonders for you if you have long curly hair, thanks to its XL diffuser plate that can hold a lot of hair. Further, it comes with a professional 3-meter cord for convenience and flexibility. Silicon Diffuser tips give extreme head comfort as well. 

Have the control of hair drying temperatures at your fingertips with the three temperature and two speeds control. Lock in the desired shape of your curls by finishing with the cool air shoot feature. 

Achieve Salon-like styled curly hair from your home using the Diffon Supreme today and let us know the results. 

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