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Wavy curly hair: Embrace your beautiful hair

Hair as beautiful as soft waves of the ocean? Yes, that’s wavy hair! There has been a lot of discussion on straight and curly hair. However, in our opinion, wavy hair isn’t talked about as much. So, what is wavy hair? Wavy hair is hair that is neither fully straight nor curly. It lies somewhere in the middle. This makes it so very unique and elegant. If you are a wavy-haired girl, you truly are blessed. So today let us take an in-depth look at wavy hair and explore the best tips to care about it.

Wavy hair: How to choose the right haircare products 

The most important step in caring for wavy hair is to choose the right haircare products. This can be tricky as the haircare options catered to wavy hair aren’t as wide as the ones available for curly or straight hair. However, put your worries to the side and let us be your guide. Here are our best tips on choosing the correct haircare products to get those elegant beachy waves of your dreams. 

Always choose chemical-free products

Harsh chemicals like alcohol and Sulfates literally kill healthy hair. This is true for wavy hair as well. These chemical-laden products strip the hair of its natural moisture and make it extremely rough and dry. Hence, stay away from such products at all costs. Instead opt for haircare products that feature natural ingredients such as Argan oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter, etc, and see the difference it makes. 

Go for curl-enhancing products

wavy curly hair

The biggest challenge when it comes to wavy hair is how to make the curls more defined. Use curl-enhancing creams and serums to bring out your natural wave pattern. Go for hair products specifically designed for wavy hair that will define your curls without giving you the crunchy texture that we all hate. 

Add in a leave-in conditioner

Yes, it is true! The more conditioned your waves are, the more beautiful they look. Add a fast-acting leave-in conditioner to your haircare routine to achieve glossy Instagram-worthy waves. Look for products with ingredients such as Glycerin, Amino acids, etc, and see the magic happen. 

Use a texture spray

Wavy-haired girlies met your new BFF! The texture spray is a holy grail product for wavy hair that is specifically designed to boost your curl pattern. Go for a texture spray that features a combination of strengthening proteins and moisturizing ingredients.

Opt for anti-frizz products

It is a common misconception that wavy hair can't get frizzy. Just like all hair types, if not cared for properly, wavy hair can get frizzy as well. To combat frizziness add an anti-frizz haircare product such as a conditioner or a leave-in conditioner to your haircare routine. 


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Styling wavy hair: Define your waves with ease 

As we have touched upon briefly earlier, defining your waves can be a tough challenge especially if you don’t know the right techniques for doing so. However, there are plenty of styling products and techniques available for achieving lively bouncy waves. Here are some of the best ones.

Scrunch it like a pro

wet curly hair

One of the most effective ways of getting those perfect waves is by trying the scrunching technique. Hair professionals all over the world swear by this simple yet effective technique and this is your sign to try it as well. Start by applying the styling product of your choice and flip your hair. Then scrunch clumps of your hair in the upward direction to define your waves. You can also twist sections of your hair and scrunch them for a better effect. 

Try Finger coiling it

Another extremely popular method of defining your waves is finger coiling. This technique takes mere minutes and is so effective that we just can't believe it. Start by applying your styling product and dividing your hair into sections. Take these sections and twirl them between your fingers. This will instantly define your curls and help you achieve wavy hair that turns heads. 

Use a wave brush 

What exactly is a wave brush you ask? It is exactly what it sounds like. It is a brush that gives you defined waves. After washing, use a wave brush on your wet hair to define your waves. Brush it in the direction that you want your waves to form and get defined wavy hair in an instant 

Give curl-enhancing creams a chance 

The most effective way of getting those beachy waves is by using a strong hold curl-enhancing cream. Start by getting out all the excess water from your hair and applying the curl cream. Start by spreading out the cream from your roots to the tips of your hair. Finish the whole look off by blow-drying your hair.

Drying wavy hair: Plopping and other techniques 

Now that you know more about the correct products and techniques to use for achieving healthy wavy hair, let us talk more about one of the most overlooked steps in wavy hair care. Namely drying it the right way. The drying technique that you use can have a dramatic effect on your hair and hence choosing the correct one is very important. Read along to find out more about the best drying techniques for wavy hair. 


Plopping is a fantastic heat-free technique to dry wavy hair that is pure magic. Start with plopping or laying down your hair on a microfibre towel or t-shirt and gather it up on the top of your head. Let it dry for a few minutes and then proceed with diffusing. 

Air drying

If you have extremely delicate hair that gets damaged easily, air drying is the drying method for you. Apply the styling product to your wet hair and then let it dry naturally without touching it. Remember that standing too long with wet hair can create discomfort for those with delicate skin. Moreover, it is a time-consuming technique: it requires even hours depending on your hair.


diffuser curly hairUsing a diffuser on your wet hair is a surefire method of achieving magazine-like glam curls. A diffuser is a hair-drying device that spreads hot air over the surface of your hair in a controlled manner to give you a gentle drying effect. Our favorite diffuser to hit the shelves currently is the Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia. 

This innovative product is designed using revolutionary Italian engineering and specifically caters to the needs of curly hair. Its one of its a kind of Curl booster system combines the action of a perforated grid and twelve long fingers to give you that gentle drying effect while protecting your waves. Take control of the heat used on your hair with its Digital heat control that features 3 temperature and 2-speed levels. Its Ion Care technology leaves your waves softer and shinier than before while its Argan Oil and Ceramic technology prevents frizz. 

It is also extremely comfortable to use as it comes with a 3-meter professional cord and silicon diffuser tips. Further, it runs on a power of 770 watts. While this might seem low, this gentle power setting protects your waves from excessive heat damage in reality. It also features faster drying times. This makes it ideal for drying long wavy hair and takes just a couple of minutes. Finally, lock in the desired shape and shine of your waves in place by using the Cool hair shot feature. 

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia today and let us know the results. 

Looking for a way to make your curls last longer between washes?

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