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Curly hairstyles for long hair: the ultimate trends

Is there anything as beautiful as long natural looking curly hair? We think not! Those healthy curls that cascade down your back are just so gorgeous and have a timeless beauty that is unmatched. Gone are the days when long curly hair used to be deemed untamable or wild. More and more women are embracing their natural long curls and for good reason. Long curly hair can definitely make heads turn. However, do you want to take the beauty of your long curly hair to the next level? Read along to know more about the latest trends and inspirations for long curly hair. 

Embracing long curly hair

Long Curly hair is nothing but elegance, feminine charm and beauty packed into one. Trust us when we say it, if you are blessed with long curly hair, you are truly lucky. After all, it is versatile and easy to style. There are a plethora of hairstyles and looks that you can try. Moreover, accessories like head scarfs, pins, and clips can help you add that extra oomph to your look instantly. 

Long curly hair comes in different textures such as thick, fine or coarse. It can also feature a variety of curl patterns such as waves, ringlets, coils or tendrils. Long Curly hair is just so much fun! 

However, there are a few common challenges associated with long curly hair. Because of its long length, it takes a long time to dry. Hence, using a good diffuser is a must. It can also get very tangled easily, which can lead to breakages. So, always brush your hair with a wide toothed comb (and not a brush!) to minimize damages. Further, long curly hair tends to lose moisture easily and using of a good chemical free leave-in conditioner is recommended. 

Trendy long curly hairstyles

As we talked about earlier, having long curly hair gives you a wide range of possible trendy hairstyles that you can try. Long curly hair is all the rage at the moment and there are just so many options. Want to know more about the latest trendy long curly hair styles? Read along! 

Long curly hair with classic bangs

Let us start with the classic!  Long curly hair and bangs is a delicious combination that you won’t be able to resist. This hairstyle is just so chic and moreover it is extremely low maintenance

The long shaggy hair

Who says a shaggy hairstyle looks good on only short and medium curly hair? This fun hairstyle can be rocked with long curly hair as well and is just so amazing to wear.

The voluminous afro

Embrace the natural texture of your hair by getting it cut in an Afro. This wild hairstyle is full of life, unique and… Oh so natural! 

afro hair

Cutting techniques for long curly hair

So what are the different cutting techniques that you can use to get the long curly hair of your dreams? Let’s talk about them in depth.

  • The Deva cut. This extremely popular cutting technique is also known as the waterfall cutting technique. It focuses on the length and placement of each individual curl, thus helping you frame your face better. 

  • The Rezo cut.  This cutting technique is suited for you if you have coily curly long hair. It provides an elegant round cut to your hair and helps tame its volume. 

  • The Tunnel cut. Do you want to reduce the thickness of your hair? The tunnel cutting technique helps you do just that. It focuses on individual sections of hair and helps reduce weight wherever needed. 

Looking for the best way to style your curls? Find all the best tips and tricks in our guide "All the steps for a perfect curl styling routine".


Styling techniques for long curly hair

Bored of sporting the same boring hairstyle everyday? Change your look instantly by styling your long curls in a different way. Long curly hair is very versatile and can be styled in a million different ways. Some of our favorites are the following.

The high braided pony

Looking for a fun hairstyle that is quick and easy to do? Style your long curly hair into a high braided ponytail. Get that elegant chic look instantly with this hairstyle. Use generous amounts of styling cream to make it last longer. 

The sleek pineapple knot

Let the iconic Rihanna be your inspiration and style your hair into a sleek pineapple knot. This gorgeous hairstyle can be done in minutes and looks so trendy. Don’t forget to add in a moisturizing leave-in conditioner so that your hairstyle looks fresh throughout the day.

Care for long curly hair

red curly hairGetting a beautiful haircut is easy but maintaining it after you leave the salon is the real challenge. However the right hair care techniques help you achieve just that. Read below to know our favorite hair care tips for long curly hair:

Use a wide-toothed comb. Long curly hair can get extremely tangled and knotty, especially as you sleep. Hence, brushing your curls after you wash them is recommended. Opt for a wide-toothed comb over a regular brush to detangle with ease and reduce breakages. 

Pre-poo your hair. Long curly hair needs all the hydration that it can get. Pre-pooing your hair before washing is an extremely effective way to get just that. Pre-pooing is nothing but prepping your hair with the aid of a hair mask or natural hair oils such as coconut before you wash it. 

Use the right hair care products. The hair care products that you use can have a huge impact on the health and texture of your hair. Go for shampoos that are Sulfate and Alcohol free and then deep condition it with a conditioner loaded with natural ingredients such as Argan oil and Shea Butter. 

Dry it with care. Drying is a crucial step in hair care that is often ignored by many. Don’t make this mistake as improper drying techniques can cause frizz and dryness and who wants that right? Diffusing your hair is the best drying technique for long curly hair. Use a diffuser to dry your curls gently and preserve their natural texture. 

Accessories and finishing touches

Another fun way of switching up the look of your long curly hair is with accessories. From printed head scarves to quirky pins, you have loads and loads of options to choose amongst. Now let us show you our favorite fun ways to accessorize your long curly hair.

A stylish hairband 

If you want to add a touch of prep to your curls, style it with an elegant hairband. Hair bands come in so many options and varieties that you will be spoilt for choice. 

A cute printed head scarf

Elevate any outfit instantly by adding in a cute printed head scarf. This hair accessory not only looks stylish but also protects your curls from the environment and pollution. 

Quirky Hair Strings

Hair Strings are such an underrated hair accessory that it makes us frown. Add in colorful quirky hair strings to elevate any basic hair look

Bellissima Italia to style your long curly hair

Now that you know the amazing ways long curly hair can be styled, let us talk about the hair tool that you will require to get the long curly hair look of your dreams.

The most innovative and effective hair diffuser available right now is by Bellissima Italia.

The Diffon Supreme

As we mentioned earlier, diffusing is the most effective technique for drying long curly hair and the Diffon Supreme is our favorite diffuser at the moment. This innovative Diffuser is designed using superior Italian Engineering to provide gentle drying to your curls. Its perforated grid and twelve long fingers help preserve the natural elasticity and shape of your curls. With its two speeds and three temperature settings, have the control of the heat being used on your curls in your hand. Moreover, it is a XL Diffuser that boasts faster drying times which makes it perfect for drying long curly hair. 

Looking for the best way to style your curls?

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