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How to choose a diffuser for wavy hair?

Who doesn’t love flowy beachy waves? After all, wavy hair is synonymous with sunshine, the beach, and all things fun! However, as with all curly hair types, wavy hair can also suffer from annoying problems such as dryness and frizz. Wavy-haired girlies also often struggle with making their natural waves look more defined. Tired of lathering your waves with curl-defining and anti-frizz products that give zero results? It’s time to try a new approach. In comes the diffuser, a revolutionary hair-drying tool that gives you frizz-free defined waves. So what is this mystery hair drying tool? And how to use it to achieve that sun-kissed beachy hair look? Read everything you need to know about diffusing wavy hair below.

Why is it important to use a diffuser on wavy hair? 

Wavy hair is neither straight nor curly. It can look almost straight when it is wet and curls start to form once you straight to dry it. Hence, using a proper drying method is the key to achieving bouncy and voluminous waves. A diffuser helps you gently dry your waves without unsettling your natural curl pattern. This helps enhance your existing curl pattern and gives you healthy waves that are full of life. Since diffusers spread out the air in a controlled manner over the surface of your waves, it helps in controlling frizz and protects the natural hydration and elasticity of your waves. Sounds too good to be? It definitely isn't! 

Finding the perfect diffuser: Factors to consider  

So let's start with the basics. What is a diffuser? In layman's terms, a diffuser is a hair-drying tool that helps spread warm air over the surface of your waves in an extremely controlled manner. This helps you achieve that frizz-free voluminous beachy wavy look that you admire in magazines. So what factors should you consider while choosing a diffuser? Here are some of the most important ones according to your hair type.

If you are a wavy-haired girlie who is looking to enhance her natural wave pattern, then investing in a diffuser is a must for you. Look for one that protects your natural curl pattern and enhances it further. 

A diffuser that dries your waves gently without disrupting their natural curl pattern is the standard. Also, if you are looking to add that extra dash of volume to your hair, Diffon Supreme might be the perfect choice for you thank to its Curl Booster System

Diffusers with deeper bowls and longer fingers work best on wavy hair. 

Wavy-haired women’s life-long struggle with frizz and dryness is well documented. Get rid of frizzy, lifeless curls in an instant by investing in a good-quality diffuser. Go for a diffuser that protects the natural elasticity of your hair and doesn't disrupt your curl pattern. 

Also, diffusers that are enhanced with anti-frizz technologies featuring natural ingredients like Aloe Vera gel and Argan Oil give excellent results. Further, If the diffuser is coated with ceramic, then it helps control and prevents frizz in an excellent manner. 

Waves can also be extremely sensitive and prone to heat damage. Hence, if you have wavy hair, it is of the utmost importance that your diffuser is gentle on your delicate curls. 

An ideal diffuser should help you regulate the speed and temperature of heat being used on your curls. Opt for one that features a digital heat control and take control of drying temperature and speeds in your hand. A diffuser that runs on a lower power compared to other commercially available diffusers is the best pick for you. 

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How to style your natural waves with a diffuser

curly hair girl with diffon supreme

Now that we know a bit more about how to choose the perfect diffuser, let us move on to how to use it to style perfect natural waves using one. 

How to use a diffuser on wavy hair? 

Have you been dreaming of healthy beachy California waves that are frizz-free and hydrated? Get on board the diffuser train. However, if you are a first-time user, using a diffuser can seem a bit tricky and confusing. Hence, today we bring you the step-by-step process of using a diffuser on wavy hair: 

  • Start by lifting your head up and ‘pinch’ your hair to lift your roots. Ensure that you place your hair clip as close to the scalp as possible 
  • The best way to achieve that gorgeous volume in your hair is to dry it upside down. 
  • Select appropriate heat and speed settings. Start with low heat and speed setting and then increase the temperature as you go. Toggle between the two settings for optimumized drying. 
  • Start by drying the roots first. Tilt your head and use the diffuser straight on your scalp. 
  • Make sure to keep moving your head side to side to add movement to your roots 
  • Move on to drying your lengths, place a section of your waves in the diffuser and move it towards your scalp for adding definition to your waves. 
  • Repeat with each section of your hair till all of your head is covered. 
  • Ensure that you don’t touch your hair to avoid frizz
  • Finish by blasting a shot of cool air through your waves and you are golden! 

Embrace your waves with confidence using Bellissima Italia Diffon

When it comes to wavy hair, bringing out the natural definition of your waves is highly important. Hence, choosing a diffuser that works to enhance your waves is a must. In comes the Bellissima Italia Diffon Supreme, one of the best diffusers for wavy and curly hair on the market currently. 

So how does the Diffon Supreme work its magic on your waves? It is all due to its groundbreaking Supreme Curl Flow technology, It is specially designed by the best Italian engineers to ensure the perfect combination of airflow and temperatures to gently dry your waves and keep them intact. Further, its revolutionary Curls Booster system combines the action of a perforated grid and twelve long fingers that gently wrap your waves around them as you dry. Thus, instead of your waves flying all over the place as they do when you use a normal hair dryer, the Diffon Supreme restricts the airflow and spreads warm air over the surface of your waves evenly. This helps in preserving the natural elasticity of your waves and enhances their shape. Thus, voluminous defined waves are just one diffuser action away! 

But wait, there is more! Diffon Supreme is specially designed for the needs of curly hair and can help you deal with common curly hair problems such as frizz and dryness. Its innovative Ceramic and Argan Oil technology helps protect your waves while you dry them and gives the best quality drying effect. Not only this, but its Ion Care Technology features an action of negative and positive ions, helps provide much-needed hydration to your waves and leaves them soft, shiny and supple after drying. 

Further, its innovative Digital heat control features 3 temperature and 2-speed levels, giving you customized drying. This makes it suitable for waves of all lengths and volume. The Diffon Supreme also runs on a comparatively lower power of 770 watts to ensure that your waves are always protected when you dry them. Hence, say goodbye to all your heat damage worries today! 

Finally, lock your desired style in place using the cool hair shot feature. It sounds like pure bliss, right? 

The Diffon Supreme is also extremely flexible to use as it features a professional 3-metre cord. It also comes with silicon diffuser tips to give you extreme head comfort. Pop it into your handbag and use it even while travelling. Yes, it is that convenient and easy to travel with. 

Add the latest Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia to your cart today and completely transform your waves in an instant. 

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