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Choose the best hair routine for your type of curl

If a genie had to grant all of us curly-haired girls a single wish, I am sure I know what it is that we are unanimously wishing for! Gorgeous natural-looking curls that tumble down your shoulders in all their glory! After all, we are all too familiar with the problems associated with curly hair. The struggles of frizzy, limp, lifeless curly hair sometimes make us want to tear our hair out! Curly hair is so gorgeous but we can't deny that it is extremely high maintenance. Not to mention, curly hair comes in a variety of textures and patterns and the one-shoe-fit-all-all approach to hair care doesn't really work for us, curly-haired lasses. 

What we need is a tailor-made haircare routine that breathes new life into our curls. But where does one start? 

Relax! You don’t actually need a Genie for your hair-care solutions but someone to walk you through the basics of building a good curly haircare routine. Let us be that person and walk you through the best tips and tricks on choosing the best hair routine that works for you.

First step: recognize your curl type


If you want to create a haircare routine that does magic for your hair, go back to the basics. As mentioned above curly hair can come in a variety of textures and patterns. Not to mention the porosity and density of curly hair can also vary from person to person. Hence understanding your curl type is important. The texture, pattern, and other characteristics of your hair can have a huge impact on the way haircare and styling products interact with it. According to Andre Walker Hair Typing System, curly hair is usually classified into three types:

  • Wavy hair. Think about gorgeous sunkissed beachy waves! Type 2 or wavy hair falls somewhere between straight and curly. The curls are loosely defined and the hair can almost appear straight when it is wet. This type can further be classified into types A, B, and C depending on the width and diameter of the curls;

  • Curly Hair. Love Shakira’s beautiful natural hair? Yup, She is blessed with the Type 3 or Curly hair. This hair type is often what comes to mind when someone mentions curly hair. This hair type features ‘S’-shaped curls that wrap around themselves. The curl width can again range from fine to thick and can be subclassified into Type A, B, and C;

  • Coily Hair. Let’s talk about the fun one! Yes, Coily or Type 4 hair is the one that features tiny spirals or ‘Z’ shaped zig-zag patterns (or both!) This hair type is voluminous and longer than it appears. However, it is also extremely delicate and proper care is a must. This type can also be divided into Type A, B, and C.


Identifying your exact curl type is the first step to finding the perfect hair care routine for you!  Read our guide "Discovering curl types and hair styles".



A haircare routine for every curly hair type 

When you are looking to identify what your curl type actually is there are a variety of factors that come into the play. Some of these factors include (but are not limited to) the curl diameter, texture, and overall pattern. Let’s take an in-depth look at these factors and how they affect your curl type.

Curl diameter

Curl diameter is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when identifying your curl type. It is nothing but how wide your curls are. As we previously saw, typically curly hair categories are further divided into types A, B, and C. Type A hair comprises hair that has the widest curls, whereas Type C hair features tighter curls. Type B lies somewhere in between these two types. 


Textured hair is synonymous with Curly hair. However, curly hair comes in a great variety of textures. Curly hair often has a fine, medium, or coarse texture. The texture of your hair is dependent on how your hair grows and the twists that it has. The greater number of twists results in curlier hair and vice versa. 


To no one's surprise, curly hair comes in a plethora of patterns and sometimes these patterns can co-exist together. Some of the most common curl patterns are waves, ringlets, coils, curves, and curls. These patterns vary from person to person and give you that unique look that many dream of.

Are you using the right products for your curly hair type?


As we talked about curly hair can be extremely diverse and there is no one routine that fits all curly hair types. Hence understanding your curly hair type is highly important when it comes to choosing the correct haircare and hair styling products. Let us take a look at some haircare products and learn more about using the right products for your curly hair type: 

  • Pre-poo treatments. Pre-poo treatments included oils or deep conditioners. Use hydrating natural oils such as Coconut or Aragan Oil. You can also use a deep conditioner as a mask. If you have looser curls, make sure that you use products that don’t weigh down your hair;

  • Shampoo and conditioner. Cleansing and conditioning your hair are the crucial steps in any hair care routine. Use hydrating frizz-controlling products if you have highly porous hair. Avoid products that contain drying chemicals such as Sulphates and Alcohols;

  • Mask. Many girls often skip the hair mask and that’s a very damaging mistake. Include a moisturizing hair mask that protects your hair from heat and environmental damage. This product is a must if you have very fine and delicate hair;

  • Leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioners are miracle products when it comes to curly hair and can instantly upgrade the quality of your hair. Use leave-in conditioners with ingredients such as Shea Butter, Vitamin E oil and other hydrating ingredients to keep frizz at bay. Also, remember to use a leave-in conditioner that provides a strong hold. This will help your hair stay fresh between wash days;

  • Type of Water. The type of water that one washes their hair with is often overlooked. However, it can have a very large effect on the health of your hair (Especially over time). Only use distilled or filtered water if you have very delicate and damaged hair. Also, avoid water that contains high amounts of Chlorine to preserve hair health and promote hair growth.

The Importance Of Drying Curly Hair

red curly hair diffon

Frizz is the number one enemy of us curly-haired girls and the number one cause of frizzy hair is improper drying techniques. We can’t stress the importance of drying your hair using the correct methods to keep frizz and damage at bay. Today we share with you some of the most professional tricks for drying your hair and help you achieve your hair goals: 

  • Always brush your hair before washing it, to avoid unnecessary breakages and damage. Use a wide-toothed comb for better results;

  • If you are air drying your hair, use a microfibre or cotton towel. Gently squeeze out the excess water from your hair and then proceed to air dry it in sections;

  • Apply a leave-in conditioner as you dry your hair. This will help the product to absorb better and will make it last longer;

  • Invest in a diffuser to achieve the perfect salon-like curls.

A diffuser spreads out air over the length of your hair in a controlled way, preserving its natural curl pattern and keeping frizz at bay. One of the best diffusers on the market currently is the Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia. 

This ground-breaking diffuser is a one-stop solution to all your curly-haired drying problems. Designed specifically for the needs of curly hair, it uses good heat to provide gentle drying to your curls and leaves them soft and supple. With advanced Italian engineering at its heart, it is a next-gen hairstyling tool that will transform your hair. 

Its Supreme curl flow Technology provides a perfect combination of airflow and temperatures to preserve the health of your hair. Its innovative perforated grid evenly distributes warm air and its twelve long fingers provide shape and elasticity for your curls. It also boasts faster drying time and is especially suited for girls with long hair and the ones who are always on the go. Its three-meter-long cord provides full flexibility and ease of use. Further, you can control the heat setting with the tips of your fingers using the digital heat control. Last but not the least, lock your hairstyle in place by using the cool hair shot feature.

Check out the Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia.

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