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Hair dryer with diffuser and hair diffuser: pros and cons

If you are a curly-haired girlie who knows what she is doing, you have probably heard of the latest hair-drying technique that everyone is talking about. Aka. Diffusing. Social media is rife with influencers claiming how using a diffuser has transformed their curls.

You most likely also know that diffusers come in two versions, a hair dryer with a diffuser and a hair diffuser. But what is the difference between them? How are they different in their functioning? And most importantly, which one should you go for? Today, we weigh the pros and cons of a hair dryer with a diffuser and a hair diffuser. Scroll down to know more.

Hair dryer with diffuser: speed and versatility

Let us start with what exactly is a hair dryer with a diffuser. This hairstyling tool is nothing but your old trusty hair dryer taken to the next level by means of a diffuser attachment. This diffuser attachment is tapped onto the end of your hair dryer. This ensures that the hot air from the dryer is spread over the surface of your curls in a controlled manner. The result? Glossy, frizz-free curls that look beautiful for days! So, what are the strengths of a hair dryer with a diffuser? We explain it all to you below: 

  • The drying speed: Every curly-haired girl knows the pain of hair wash day. Washing and drying curly hair can take hours and loads of patience. This is especially true if you have thick long curly hair. However, a hair dryer with a diffuser helps you dry your curls in a jiffy due to its fast drying speeds. Since the hair dryer diffuser concentrates hot air on each section of your curls individually, the drying times are faster. These hair-drying devices feature long prongs or fingers that cradle your hair. These fingers technically wrap your curls around them gently. The hot air then blows through the attachment in a controlled way to dry your curls using a delicate action. Achieving beautiful natural-looking curls in under 10 minutes? Dreams do come true! 

curly hair girl using a diffuser

  • Versatility: We are sure you already know that curly hair comes in a variety of patterns and types. The most common types are wavy, curly and coily. However, curly hair is known for its beautiful chaos and these patterns can sometimes coexist. Worried that a hair dryer with a diffuser might not work for your curls? We stop you right there. Hair dryers with diffusers are known for their versatility and work with partially every curl type and pattern. Not only this, but they have unique functions that enhance every curl type. For e.g., They can help make wavy hair look more defined. They also come with a variety of speed and temperature settings. Hence, just choose a drying setting that you know works for you and you are good to go. 

Hair Diffuser: precision and care

Now let us shine some light on the workings of a hair diffuser. Is this the same as a hair dryer with a diffuser? No, it is not! Hair diffusers are hair-drying tools that are specially crafted for the purpose of diffusing. Thus, the diffuser attachment is not removable. It features a deep bowl and several long fingers that gently cradle your curls. So, let us discuss a bit more about the several amazing benefits of a hair diffuser. 

  • Precision: Hair diffusers are tailor-made for curly hair. They are designed keeping the features and needs of curly hair in view. Hair diffusers help you dry your curls with extreme precision. The reason for this is their build and design. Their deep bowl and long prongs or fingers help disperse hot air over the surface of your curls in an even manner. They circulate the air around your curls. Thus, your natural curl pattern isn't affected. It also helps separate your curls as you dry them. This provides a natural lift and volume to them. Sounds amazing right?

    curly hair hair dryer
  • Care: If you are looking for a long-term care solution to your curls, we suggest investing in a diffuser today. As mentioned above, diffusers and curly hair are a combination that's hard to beat. Diffuser dry your hair gently to help you achieve frizz-free bouncy curls that will make everyone go wow. However, most importantly, diffusers use much less heat than normal dryers and minimize heat damage. If you want elegantly styled curls then using heat is unavoidable. However, heat is the number one cause of hair damage and using too much heat will be detrimental to the health of your curls. Hair diffusers run on the principle of good heat and ensure that your curls stay protected from heat as you dry them.

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How to choose: Pros and Cons head-to-head

Now that we have talked in depth about the two diffuser options, it's time to make a decision. So which one to choose? Before you go for a particular diffuser type, let us compare them both in depth and look at the pros and cons of both. 

Hair dryer diffusergirl with afro hair


A hair dryer with a diffuser is the best pick for you if you don't want to invest in a brand-new device. Diffuser attachments are sold separately and work well with almost all hair dryers. Further, these attachments are lightweight and easy to travel with. Just pop one in your bag and achieve the perfect curly haired look anytime and anywhere. 


Picking a diffuser attachment can be a bit tricky. There isn't just one universally compatible diffuser attachment. Hence, finding one that fits your existing hair dryer can require a bit of research and trial and error. Also, a hair dryer diffuser usually doesn't come with extra features such as anti-frizz and volumizing technology, and you might miss out these amazing add-ons. 

Hair diffuser

Diffon supreme


Hair diffusers work for every single curl type and pattern. Thus, pick one that you feel might work for you and get insta worthy curls instantly. Hair diffusers are also easy to use, and you don’t have to worry about the attachment falling off. These hairstyling tools are also easily available and come with a plethora of curl enhancing features. They also lift your curls from their roots to give you added volume instantly. Moreover, they feature customized heat and speed control systems that help you achieve the ideal drying temperature. 


Hair diffusers can be on a bulkier side and thus can be a bit more difficult to store. They also run on the pricier side, and hence do your research before you invest in one. Not to mention, if you are using a hair diffuser for the first time, understanding how to effectively use one can be a bit challenging

But, if you are looking for a top performing diffuser with more pros than cons, we suggest you go for the Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia

This innovative hair drying tool is crafted using superior Italian Engineering and runs on the principle of good heat. It tackles the long-standing problems of frizz and dryness effectively. This is due to its innovative Curls' Booster System that comprises a perforated grid and twelve long fingers. Their combined action gives you that desired gentle drying effect. 

It also doesn’t disturb your natural curl pattern and retains the elasticity of your curls. Furthermore, it features an Ion Care System that uses the action of negative and positive Ions to give you voluminous curls that won't look out of place on the cover of Vogue. 

Say goodbye to your heat damage worries by using the Diffon Supreme. It's Ceramic and Argan oil technology leaves your curls looking shiner and supple. If your curls are extremely delicate and get damaged by heat easily, then the Diffon Supreme is a must have product for you. 

Featuring 2 speed and 3 temperature settings, selecting the perfect drying setting just got easier. It's much loved Digital Heat Control is a boon to curlies all around the world. Moreover, it also runs on a comparatively low power of 770 watts, thus providing extra protection to your delicate curls. After you are done drying your hair, lock your desired look in place using the cool hair shot feature.

We also can't believe how comfortable and flexible using the Diffon Supreme is! It features a 3 meter professional cord that makes this diffuser extremely plaint to use. Unlike other diffusers that can be cumbersome, the Diffon Supreme features superior silicone diffuser tips that provide ultimate head comfort. They feel so comfortable while using and are extremely gentle on your curls.

Thus, the Diffon Supreme is indeed a curly hair care dream come true! Grab yours today and let us know the results in the comments. 


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