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Sleep routine: tips to keep curls defined overnight

Curly haired girls: Is there anything worse than waking up with knotted curly hair that has lost all its definition? Are you tired of your hair looking limp and lifeless? Not to mention the unmanageable frizz and knots? It is a nightmare indeed! So how do you protect your curls overnight? And most importantly is there any magic way of waking up with glossy natural looking curls that you often see in sitcoms? Yes there is! Today we bring to you tips and tricks from experts all around the world that will help you achieve stunning defined curls as you snooze.

How to keep your hair curly overnight

Want to wake up with beautiful shiny curls? Here are some of the best tips by experts that will help you accomplish just that.

Pre-poo and shampoo the right way 

Pre-pooing is prepping your curls before washing. You can use a hydrating hair mask or a natural hair oil to do so. Look for hair masks with nourishing ingredients such as Shea butter and Argan Oil. If you prefer using an oil instead, go for hair oils such as Coconut oil that are loaded with proteins. Once you pre-poo your hair, it’s shampoo time! Stay away from chemical laden products and look out for shampoos that feature natural ingredients such as Aloe vera gel and Moroccan oil.

Condition, condition, condition 

Say no to conditioners featuring damaging chemicals such as Sulfates and Alcohols. Instead, opt for conditioners with smoothing ingredients such as Biotin, Clay, proteins etc.

curly hair girl

Dry it with caution

Improper drying methods can wreak havoc on your hair and cause immense frizz and damage. Our suggestion? Try diffusing! You can use a good quality diffuser for this!


Looking for the best way to style your curls? Find all the best tips and tricks in our guide "All the steps for a perfect curl styling routine".



Why is it important to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape? 

Who doesn't like a hot shower after a long day's work? Sounds relaxing! But the effort of thoroughly drying your curls before you sleep seems too much sometimes. We have all been there.  However, sleeping with wet curls is a big no-no. Here are the reasons why. 

  • Curls are fragile when wet. It can't be denied that your hair is at its most fragile when it is wet. It is also likely to get damaged when you have just gotten out of the shower. This can cause breakages to your hair. Not to mention a load of frizz! 

  • Excessive moisture can weight down your curls. Even though it is commonly believed the more moisturized your hair, the better, there can be a thing as too much moisture. Depending upon how porous your curls are, chances are that if they retain excessive moisture and dampness, they will weigh down. This results in limp and lifeless looking curls that are difficult to deal with. 

  • It can lead to dandruff. Believe it or not, the hot damp environment of wet hair is the perfect host for dandruff causing bacteria. We all know how excruciating dandruff can be to get rid of!

Sleep routine for curls: the silk pillowcase

silk pillowcase

Can we let you in on the curly hair experts’ best kept secret for getting those flawless looking natural curls? Use a silk pillowcase! Switching to a silk pillowcase can breathe new life into your curls and here’s why: 

  • They don’t retain as much moisture. We all love cotton. It is soft and absorbent. However, a cotton pillowcase will also absorb the natural oils and moisture from your hair. This can lead to dryness and frizzy hair. A silk pillowcase on the other hand doesn’t absorb as much moisture as a cotton case. This results in much more defined curls when you wake up! 

  • They don’t cause friction. The surface of silk is the smoothest thing ever! Silk pillowcases are sleeker and more even than cotton pillowcases. This causes less friction as you sleep. Less friction= less breakages. Also, tangle free curls in the morning!

  • They provide better temperature control. Silk tends to absorb less heat than cotton and hence are better for regulating temperatures as you sleep. The less heat your pillowcase absorbs, the better protected your curls are.

Bellissima Italia to style your curly hair

Diffon Bellissima

Introducing the Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia, the darling of hair experts around the world and we tell you why.

It gives voluminous defined curls

The Diffon Supreme boasts a superior Curls Booster System that features a perforated grid and twelve long fingers that gently cradle your curls and delicately dry them.  This gives you those envy-worthy natural looking curls instantly. 

It protects and hydrates your curls

The Diffon Supreme also features Ceramic and Argan oil technology that protects your curls while drying. It also adds much needed hydration to your curls and fights frizz. 

It features a digital heat control

Worried about using too much heat on your curls? With the Diffon Supreme, you don’t have to stress ever again. Its digital heat control features 3 temperature and 2 speed settings that gives you the control of heat being used in your hands. 

It runs on a low power

And that's a good thing! The Diffon Supreme works on a relatively low power of 770 watts to ensure your curls are always protected from damage! 

Do we need to say more? Get flawless natural looking curls in an instant by trying out the Diffon Supreme by Bellissima Italia today! 

Looking for the best way to style your curls?

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