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Curly types: which is your hair pattern?

Calling all you curly-haired beauties! Have you ever clutched your curly hair in extreme exasperation, not knowing how to make any heads or tails of it? Curly hair has long often been considered ‘difficult’ or ‘not pretty’. However, this can't be further from the truth. The truth is that curly hair is extremely complex and diverse. The first step in achieving those gorgeous bouncy curls of your dreams is to understand them first. No two curly-haired heads are the same. Curls come in a plethora of patterns and sometimes these patterns can co-exist together! Hence, decoding your curly hair can be quite an uphill task. However, put down that hair straightener and come along with us. Today, we bring you the easiest tricks and tips for identifying your curl pattern

Curl types: How do they work? 

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Understanding curly hair can be quite a daunting task, but it is important to identify the perfect care and styling for you. There are many curl typing systems put in place by experts to help us make the quest a bit easier. After all, since all curly hair is different, each of them has its own special set of needs. Once you understand your curl type, picking out the right hair products and styling techniques will be a breeze. Let’s now discover the most popular curl typing system used today.

Andre Walker Hair Typing System

Hairstylist to Oprah herself, Andre Walker introduced this hair typing system in the 90s and it is used even today! Walker divided curly hair into three types

  • Type 2 or wavy hair. If your hair falls somewhere between straight and curly, you are blessed with Type 2 or wavy hair. This type of hair tends to be straight towards the roots but curly towards the end;
  • Type 3 or curly hair. This type is the one that we often associate with the classic curly hair. This hair features well-defined curls that can range from loose to tight;
  • Type 4 or coily hair. Coily hair is categorized by tight corkscrew curls or zig-zag curls. 

 Many times these curl types can coexist together. Each of these types can be further subclassified into types A, B and C based on the width of your curls

Identifying your exact curl type is the first step to finding the perfect hair care routine for you!  Read our guide "Discovering curl types and hair styles".


Curl Patterns: How to spot yours

Now that we have a better understanding of various curl types, let’s learn more about how to spot your curl type. Read on to find our best advices on spotting your curl type: 


How to spot Type 2 hair

Wavy hair can look almost straight when it is wet, however, curls tend to start forming once the hair starts to dry. This hair type features the loosest curls of all curly hair types. These loose curls tend to cascade down your shoulders in a beautiful ‘S’ shape.

How to spot Type 3 hair 

As mentioned earlier, this hair type is associated with classic curly hair. This hair type features defined curls that are a bit tighter than curls in type 2 hair. The width of the curls can vary from loose to tight and the curls are often corkscrew-shaped. 

How to spot Type 4 hair

Coily hair is often the easiest to identify. It is characterized by tight voluminous curls. The curls in this hair type are springly corkscrew shaped or have a zig-zag ‘Z’ pattern. This hair is often more voluminous than it appears and is extremely unique.

Determining your curl type

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Are you confused about what your curl type is? Fret not! Read along to learn more about the easiest techniques to determine your curl type: 

  • Type 2 or wavy hair. This type of hair can often be mistaken for straight hair because of the loose curls that it features. The easiest hack to determine if your hair is of the Type 2 is to wet it. Wait for your hair to dry and then observe it. If you notice that your hair is straighter towards the crown but has loose curls that don’t wrap around themselves towards the ends, then Voila! You have been blessed with wavy hair;

  • Type 3 or curly hair. Type 3 hair comprises hair that features defined curls that can range from very loose curls to tight corkscrews. The easiest way to determine if you have type 3 hair is to perform a pencil test. Wet your hair and then run a pencil through it. The friction of the pencil against your curls will help you determine if you have Type 3 A, B, or C hair easily;

  • Type 4 or coily hair. Coily hair is the easiest to identify and can be done by some smart observation. If your hair is extremely voluminous and features tight spring-like curls, then congratulations, you have type 4 hair.

Embracing and Celebrating Your Curl Type

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For the longest time, straight hair was considered to be the ultimate beauty standard. We all have vivid memories of us wishing our hair would just magically turn straight overnight and we wouldn’t have to deal with our wild curly hair.

However, those days are long gone (Thankfully!) and more and more women are embracing their natural curly hair. Some of the most unique features of different curl types are:

  • Wavy hair. Wavy hair is one of the most gorgeous hair types ever! It is extremely easy to style and maintain. It gives you the beachy sunkissed look that is all over Instagram at the moment

  • Curly hair. Classic curly hair is the favourite of many celebs and social media stars. Not only this hair type is extremely versatile but is also voluminous. Don’t ever worry about having a bad hair day with this hair type

  • Coily hair. This hair type is probably the most fun out of all curly hair types. It is so so beautiful to look at and will definitely make heads turn when styled properly. Not to mention its volume is unmatched! 

So, If you are one of those girls who is struggling to see the beauty of her curls, take this as a sign to start embracing your natural beauty today.

Beyond Curl Types: Hair Porosity and Density 

Now that you understand how to identify your curl type, let us take a look at two other factors that you need to know more about, namely, hair porosity and density

What is hair porosity and how it can impact hair care routine? 

Hair porosity is nothing but your hair’s ability to absorb and hold moisture. It is often divided into three types: 

  • Low porosity hair
  • Medium porosity hair 
  • High porosity hair. 

Curly hair tends to be highly porous, however, this can vary from person to person. Porosity is largely dependent on genetics, however, factors such as the environment, heat, and what hair products you use can also have a major effect. Hence, choosing the right hair products and having a proper styling routine is very important. If you have highly porous hair, go for products that are loaded with natural butters and oils. Products such as leave-in conditioners also help maintain the moisture in your hair. 

What is hair density and what are its effects? 

In layman’s terms, hair density is nothing but how thick your hair is. It is characterized by the number of hair strands that you have on your head. Hair density can also be classified into three types

  • Low-density hair
  • Medium density hair 
  • High-density hair. 

It is a common misconception that all curly hair is high-density. Curly hair can be low-density as well. The density of your hair has a major effect on how hair care products react with your hair. 

If you have low-density hair, we suggest adding in hair volumizing shampoos and conditioners to your hair care routine. 

Bellissima Italia to enhance your curl type

Diffon Supreme Bellissima Italia

Choosing the right styling products that work well with the porosity and density of your hair is crucial. This is especially true when choosing the right product to dry your hair with. 

Hence, if you are looking for a Diffuser that will give you 100% natural results, we suggest you take a look at the revolutionary Diffon Supreme from Bellissima Italia

This award-winning product makes use of good heat to dry your curls and leaves them extremely soft and supple. It is specifically designed for curly hair and enhances your natural curl type. With extraordinary Italian engineering at its heart combined with its Supreme Curl Flow Technology, it gives you voluminous curls in an instant. It also features digital heat control and is suitable for curly hair of all porosity and density. 

Further, its Ion care technology leaves your hair shiny, supple and frizz-free while keeping it hydrated all day long. It also comes built-in with Argan oil and Ceramic technology that delicately protects your curls.  Furthermore, it comes with a professional cord that is three meters long, providing full flexibility. 

So, what are you waiting for? Try Diffon Supreme from Bellissima Italia and get the soft, supple, natural-looking curls of your dreams in an instant!

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