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Hair dryer diffuser: How does the Diffon work?

Thinking about investing in a new hair dryer diffuser and want to know more about how the Diffon works? We have all the intel you need.

Using a hair dryer with a diffuser, or better yet a dedicated hair dryer diffuser tool, is a must for curly hair to not only maintain the health of your spirals but to keep them as bouncy, springy and shiny as possible until your next shampoo. Read on for everything you need to know about the game-changing technology, and what it means for your strands.

The technology behind Diffon: discover its technical features

Rather than an afterthought or add-on to an otherwise standard hairdryer, Bellissima Italia Diffon Supreme is specifically made for drying curly hair. These are the high-spec technical features you can find in it:

  • Airflow options: tailor your drying experience with two airflow speeds.

  • Gentle Power system: unlike traditional high-wattage dryers, the gentle power system caps at 770 watts.

  • Perforated grid: evenly distributes heat and air through small holes, preventing a strong gust.

  • Ergonomic design: easy to hold and not too heavy, ensuring comfort during styling.

  • Specialized ceramic coating: infused with Argan oil for added hair protection.

  • Professional-Length Cord: a generous three-metre cord for versatile styling from any angle.

  • Digital Heat Control: maintains a consistent temperature during styling for precise results.

  • Three temperature options: choose from three different temperatures for customised drying.

  • Ion Care Technology: invisible but effective technology for enhanced hair care.

  • Cool air shot: finish styling with a refreshing jet of cool air for a polished look.


Diffon's special features for healthy hair and long-lasting styling

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Ok, so we’ve covered all the technical features that you can find in the Diffon Supreme, but what do these specs actually mean for your curls? Here’s how each and every detail works to improve the drying process and the finished effect on your curls. 

Choice of air flows 

Having a choice of two allows you to tailor the settings on your hair dryer diffuser to best suit your needs. Fine hair doesn’t require much oomph to encourage it to dry, as the strands aren’t very dense, while thick hair, on the other hand, is likely to need a little extra airflow to speed up the drying time. Some people with curly hair also find their strands are very porous, so water evaporates from them quickly, while others find that their hair holds greedily to water like a magnet. 

Gentle power system 

Curly hair is fragile by nature, meaning the last thing it needs is to be blasted with high temperatures and whooshing speeds. All that exposing your hair to extreme heat and speed settings will do is cause damage that leaves the hair dry and brittle, or blow it around so much that your curls lose all their gorgeous definition. Less is more, and your hair will thank you for taking a softer approach

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Perforated grid 

Diffon SupremeSpreading the airflow evenly across a grid system ensures no part of the hair is exposed to more heat or power than any other, for a gentle, even finish that’s kind to strands. The Diffon hair dryer diffuser heads have also been designed in such a way that it’s impossible for wayward curls to get stuck in the grill. 

12 long finger-like nodules 

These finger-like nodules can either be circled into the hair to encourage and define your curls, or, they can be pulled downwards through the hair to stretch out afro hair. The silicone tips ensure they’re soft and not too hot when coming into contact with the hair and scalp. 

Ergonomic design 

The harder your diffuser is to use, the more likely you are to become impatient when styling and your curls will suffer as a result. As an all-in-one tool as opposed to a hair dryer with diffuser, the Diffon Supreme is a joy to use – plus, you don’t have to worry about the attachment falling off. 

Specialised ceramic coating 

The heads of the Diffon diffusers have been finished with a ceramic coating that’s gentler on the hair and also helps to add shine and reduce both frizz and dryness. With the Supreme, this coating has been further infused with Argan oil, for extra curl care. 

Professional length cord 

Do you end up tying yourself in knots when diffusing your hair? Thanks to the professional length three-metre cord, styling curly hair has never been easier, with plenty of freedom and flexibility to move the tool all over your head. 

Digital Heat Control

By using technology to carefully monitor and regulate its temperature, the Diffon Supreme ensures there are no potentially strand-singeing hot spots that could damage the hair, and that it consistently maintains your desired level of heat

Ion Care Technology 

When we use heat on our hair, it’s exposed to positive ions which can cause the hair cuticle to lift up, leading to dryness, damage and the dreaded frizz. The Ion Care Technology within the Diffon Supreme cancels out these positive ions, using negative ones to smooth down the cuticle and leave your strands with a smooth, glossy finish. 

Cool air shot

Diffon Supreme

The change in temperature from hot to cold helps to seal the hair cuticle, for a longer-lasting curly style that’s less likely to be impacted by frizz, which is caused by moisture making its way into open strands. 

Choice of temperatures

By offering a choice of three temperatures, the Diffon Supreme puts you in charge of how much heat you want to use on your hair. The one you reach for most will depend on how much time you have for styling (as you might want to go hotter when you’re in a rush) as well as the thickness of your hair. 

Now that you are familiar with all its features, you are ready to try Diffon Supreme and revive the natural beauty of your curly hair!


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